Karla Hoff
Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

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The Third Function of Law Is to Transform Cultural Categories

K. Hoff, J. Walsh
In K. Basu, R. Hockett (eds), Law, Economics, and Conflict, Cornell University Press, 2021, pp. 55-85 (in press).

Lab-in-the-field Experiments: Insights into Discrimination and Ways to Reduce It

A. Demeritt, K. Hoff
Submitted to The Handbook on Economics of Discrimination and Affirmative Action, A. Deshpande (Ed.), Springer.

Cultural Impediments to Learning to Cooperate: An Experimental Study of High- and Low-Caste Men in Rural India

B. Brooks, K. Hoff, P. Pandey

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2018) 115 (45): 11385-11392.

Striving for Balance in Economics: Towards a Theory of the Social Determination of Behavior

      K. Hoff, J.E. Stiglitz

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2016) 126B, 25-57.

World Development Report 2015          

K. Hoff, V. Gauri (co-directors)

The World Bank

Making Up People: The Effect of Identity on Performance in a Modernizing Society

K. Hoff, P. Pandey

Journal of Development Economics (2014) 106: 108-131

Tastes, Castes, and Culture: The Influence of Society on Preferences

E. Fehr, K. Hoff

Economic Journal (2011) 121: F396-412.

Caste and Punishment: The Legacy of Caste Culture in Norm Enforcement

K. Hoff, M. Kshetramade, E. Fehr

Economic Journal (2011) 121: F449-475

Equilibrium Fictions: A Cognitive Approach to Societal Rigidity

K Hoff, JE Stiglitz

American Economic Review (2010) 100 (2). 141-146.

Online appendix

Spite and Development

E. Fehr, K. Hoff, M. Kshetramade

American Economic Review (2008) 98(2), 494-499.

Discrimination, Social Identity, and Durable Inequalities

K. Hoff, P. Pandey

      American Economic Review (2006) 96(2), 206-211.

The Kin System as a Poverty Trap?

K. Hoff, A. Sen

Poverty Traps (eds. Bowles, Durlauf, Hoff) (Princeton U Press, 2006) 96-115.

Homeownership, Community Interactions, and Segregation

K. Hoff, A. Sen

American Economic Review (2005) 95(4), 11167-1185.

After the Big Bang? Obstacles to the Emergence of the Rule of Law in Post-Communist Societies

K. Hoff, J.E. Stiglitz

American Economic Review (2004) 94(3) 753-763.

Paths of Institutional Development: A View from Economic History

      K. Hoff

      World Bank Research Observer (2003) 18(2) 205-226.

Modern Economic Theory and Development

K. Hoff, J.E. Stiglitz

Frontiers of Development Economics, eds. G Meier and JE Stiglitz, Oxford U Press (2001), 389-459

Beyond Rosenstein-Rodan: The Modern Theory of Coordination Problems in Development

K. Hoff

Proceedings of the Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics 2000 (2001): 145-188.

Moneylenders and Bankers: Price-Increasing Subsidies in a Monopolistically Competitive Market

K. Hoff, J.E. Stiglitz

Journal of Development Economics (1998) 55(2):485-518.

Introduction: Imperfect Information and Rural Credit Markets—Puzzles and Policy Perspectives

K. Hoff, J.E. Stiglitz

World Bank Economic Review (1990) 4(3), 235-250.

Edited Books

Poverty Traps (with Samuel Bowles and Steven Durlauf), Princeton University Press, 2006 (paperback edition, 2016). 

The Economics of Rural Organization: Theory, Practice, and Policy (with Avishay Braverman and Joseph E. Stiglitz), Oxford University Press, 1993.